We Are Riverside


The mission of Riverside Middle School is to create an engaging and student–centered learning environment  where students are introduced to high expectations and rigorous instruction that prepares them to be lifelong  learners ready for college, careers, and the future.


Our vision is to balance student engagement with academic excellence so that students want to be at school  where they will attain world class knowledge, college and career ready skills, and positive character traits.


1. Ensure a safe, supportive environment that cultivates character, fosters positive social behavior, and develops  independent and curious learners.

2. Promote academic achievement and personal development of all students to perform at their maximum  abilities.

3. Foster independent learning, resiliency, and critical thinking skills in all learners.

4. Allow technology to enhance but not replace instruction.

5. Utilize data to drive instruction.

6. Recruit, advance, and retain the most effective, culturally competent teachers and staff. 7. Build a community of continuous growth and development for all.

8. Utilize rigorous assessments that challenge students to perform at high levels.

9. Implement best practice AVID WICOR strategies with an emphasis on organization and focused note taking.  10. Engage students with positive, caring relationships and by celebrating success.