Guidance Department

Mrs. Jill McClain
Mr. Jeff Rae, M.Ed., CDF
Mrs. Tara Simmons, Data Coordinator

Parent Resources

Connecting with the School Counselor - For parents, the middle school years are some of the most exciting and challenging times. Get to know your child's counselors and allow them to help you and your child. Follow the link to see what the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) has to say about the importance of connecting with your school counselor.

What Parents Can Do to Help Their Child Succeed

Be sure your child has adequate school supplies and a place to study. Make studying and completing homework a top priority. Help your child set specific academic goals to work toward at the beginning of each grading period. Insist that your child attend school each day. Attend all parent programs offered by the school. Be sure to look at all midterm grade reports and report cards. Encourage a healthy lifestyle. Help your child with organizational skills and time management. Establish logical rewards and consequences for behavior. Encourage your child to get involved in school activities. Encourage independent problem-solving. Provide academic support. Communicate and work with the school and teachers on a regular basis.

Parenting Help for Teen Issues Each year we learn about new issues that our young people are facing on a daily basis. The following links can provide you with general information. If you need more information please contact your child's school counselor.

Understanding Teen Cutting and Self-Harm Protecting Your Child on the Internet Understanding Anxiety in Children and Teens Helping Middle School Girls Navigate their Social Lives

Career Development

Personal Pathways to Success

Career development is an important function of a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program.

Students at Riverside Middle School are given a variety of opportunities to explore the available career clusters, understand the correlation between academics and the world of work, and develop the skills necessary to be successful in high school and beyond.

Student Opportunities

Classroom Guidance which includes Interest Inventory assessments through the South Carolina Occupational Information System (SCOIS) program Participation in the Anderson, Oconee, Pickens Business and Industry Showcase Guest speakers from a wide variety of career areas College visits which include technical schools, public and private universities Military presentations On-site and virtual job shadowing Visits to the Pendleton High School Career and Technology Education (CATE) classes which also assist in the transition from middle to high school Individual Graduation Plan meetings with all 8th graders and their parents/ guardians

Career Development Resources


CIS - South Carolina Career Information System is an excellent resource for students to use to explore careers and find information regarding employment outlook, colleges and universities and military options. Click on the link to access the website. Contact the Guidance Office for assistance if needed.

Career Aisle - Career Aisle is available through South Carolina Education Television offers career videos and research tools for middle school students, parents and educators.

Occupational Outlook Handbook - (OOH) This information is provided by the United States Bureau of Labor and and Statistics. A great resource for nationwide career information.

Today's Military Careers - This is an up-to-date website featuring information about opportunities in the military.

Career One-Stop - This website is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

College Campus Tours - This website allows you to research colleges across the United States.

Career Coach - This website is offered through Tri-County Technical College to assist you in researching careers and career development.

Guidance Philosophy

4 months ago

Riverside Middle School guidance department focuses on the well being of the total child. Our primary purpose is to help all students develop career, academic, social and emotional strategies and goals that will help students be successful in school and in the world. Since adolescence is such a critical time in the life of your child, it is very important for all of us to work as a team for the well being and success of your child.

By Misty McAdams

Community Programs offered through the Guidance Department

4 months ago

In addition to in-house services, the Guidance Department also offers several community services. These include:

  • Project Alternative- Anderson District Four reaps the benefits of a county wide counselor's services during the school day. This program is supported by the Anderson County Board of Education and local school districts.
  • School-Based Mental Health Services- Anderson Mental Health Child, Adolescent and Family Services provides a counselor/social worker to assist students and their families.
  • Pack4 - A program coordinated by area churches to help provide school supplies for families in need.
  • Magi - A program coordinated by area churches to assist families with Christmas needs.

By Misty McAdams

Services Provided By Counselor

4 months ago

The Guidance Department is available to serve both students and parents through a variety of services. Some of these services include:

  • Consultation with outside agencies to assist families in need

  • Mentor programs; education; incentives and awards programs

  • Liaison between students, parents, teachers, and administrators

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Crisis counseling

  • Career counseling and planning

  • Scheduling and placement

  • Orientation of new students

  • Students records

  • Referrals to services within the community


By Misty McAdams